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Candle Gift Sets make the perfect present idea for anyone who is a lover of candles. Give a whole set as a special gift or break up the set and use each candle as a small gift or addition to a hamper, to save on the price of buying each candle separately.

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This decorative pack of six pink candles come in the floral scent of fuchsia, not too over-powering making it the perfect accessory on your dining table. These wonderful candles would set the mood on any occasion, on a romantic date night, birthdays, christenings, Christmas etc. These wonderful candles measure H20cm x W2cm each and would also make a cracking gift idea for someone who is a lover of the look of flickering candles. This pack of six candles for £3.99 per pack is amazing value especially if bought in our 3 for £9.99 offer, meaning that you will get 18 candles for only £9.99! © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Fuchsia Diner Candle 6 Pack.

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A set of nine fragrance-rich, soy wax based votive candles which have been created to fill your home with evocative aromas. Each votive has a burn time of up to 15 hours and they are all renewable, sustainable products so kinder to the environment. This gift set will always contain nine different and lovely Heart & Home votive candles from our £1.99 range, we can’t always guarantee an exact duplicate of the image as some go out of stock but we can guarantee all will be unique and all from the best sellers with a mix of wonderful colors and aromas. The whole lot can be given as a gift set for any occasion or can be split up and given out as individual gifts while keeping some for yourself. Alternatively they can all be kept for your own indulgence and we won’t tell anyone. We will also include a special 25% off voucher which you can use on your next order or pass on if they are a gift. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Heart & Home Votive Candle Gift Set Of NINE.

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This luxurious candle gift set contains three delicious and funky shot glass candles: Gin & Tonic candle, created using the tasting notes from a famous gin maker which is finished with hints of juniper, coriander and citrus; Prosecco candle, spiced with the fragrance of lively and sparkling white grapes and hints of grapefruit with a subtle oak background; and last but not least Shiraz candle, full bodied and warm with berries and hints of bergamot on a bed of Seville orange. These fantastic shot glass candles come packaged in a beautifully designed and elegant gift tube making it the most luxurious gift for any gin and tonic, prosecco, shiraz or candle lover. All our Vineyard candles are made with 100% natural soya wax blended with the finest fragrances from around the world which are then hand poured into the artisan fashioned glass bases. Each luxury candle has a long and clean burn with a delicious aroma ideal for any room of the house. Vineyard candles are hand-made in Cornwall using a technical and time-consuming process; they take approximately 12 hours from start to finish. With 15 years of experience of melting glass and creating candles, Vineyard Candles have won many business awards including G.A. Gift of the Year, they have environmental credentials and good business ethics. These fabulous Vineyard candles have an approximate 16 hours burning time each. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Set Of 3 Luxury Candles in Gift Drum.

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