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Gargoyles served as water spouts and are usually seen high up on buildings or roof gutters to throw water clear of walls or foundations but they are also solely used as decorative pieces. Originally the word comes from the Old French 'gargouille' which means 'throat'.

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Are you surrounded by grumpy people? Grumpy friends, grumpy family members, grumpy neighbours, co-workers, and other grumpy folk in general? The remedy is simple - Give ‘em a grumpy, the attitude-adjusting magical stone that absorbs grumpiness. Grumpy faces just turn into smiles. It’s that easy! Almost all grumpy folk benefit from an improved attitude within seconds when you give ‘em a grumpy. Really troubled people need therapy, but giving a grumpy stone at least makes a start! Slip grumpy stones into pockets, onto desks, into work areas, or place directly into hands. Simple, effective, and inexpensive, give one today! Grumpies are adult medication.These wonderful stones each come with an information card containing all the above text for you to give with your grumpy if you wish (for people who are grumpy but don’t know it yet). These are hand made so every grumpy is wonderfully unique. If you order just one we will hand pick it for you, they are all wonderful so you are guaranteed a good one. If you order our set of four we will send a selection of light and dark ones while also choosing different expressions for you. They are ideal for outdoor use if required, as they look great in the garden too. Each grumpy is approximately 4cm across. We can also supply these in bulk and they make ideal gifts for large companies especially if you modify the information cards making them relevant to you or your company. 

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This fantastic green gargoyle could either take pride of in your garden, surrounded by your plants and flowers, or hide him in the corner amongst the bushes, only to be spotted by those taking a closer look! Either way, this interesting peice is sure to fit right it, adding a touch of fantasy to your garden. This peice is made from a sturdy and durable lightweight resin, and measures 30cm tall, 20cm wide, and 18cm deep. This gargoyle would make an excellent addition to the house of a lover of all things fantasy, gothic, and magic. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Green Gargoyle Extra Large

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