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We now have an excess stock of empty extra-large jerry cans which we are giving away! Why are they free? Simply because we want to see these recycled and re-used. We often build up an excess stock of 25 and 23ltr jerry cans which we find hard to get rid of. We can put them in our bin or take them to a tip but we know they will only go into landfill from here which we do not want for obvious environmental reasons but also because they are so useful for so many things and clean empty ones retail for a fortune. We only charge £2.99 for the postage to you as we send them separate to all other orders but if you are near to our base in Skipton, North Yorkshire please drop me an e-mail to arrange collection with no charge at all. What you get: the jerry cans are all the 23 or 25 litre size and can be blue, black or white. They have contained carrier oils such as sweet almond, grape seed etc. or bubble bath and shampoo bases. They are empty but not cleaned out inside. We do store these in our yard when empty so they may also need a clean down on the outside. We simply put them in a bin liner, tape it up and post them out. We decided to put them on line as we had so many people passing asking to take them explaining how handy they are but we now have more drums than passing people. A few uses I know about are for water storage when camping or on boats etc, for rain water collection for re-use and watering plants, oil storage, as weights (very heavy when full of water and used to tie down tents and marquees or to simply hold things down). Many outdoor events companies have used them plus they are used on building sites and our local council often pick the odd one up in their van. If you don’t mind giving them a clean inside and out they are a great bargain and you are doing us and the environment a favour by re-using them.

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Empty plastic jerry can with a frosted finish. This plastic container comes complete with a white tamper evident cap and is ideal for bulk liquids such as carrier oils, floral waters, base products, massage oils, bubble bath, shampoo etc. Plastic jerry cans are also ideal to transport, ship or mail out liquids. Frosted plastic bottles are also ideal for craft products, glue, colourful and decorative items or liquids. Height 275mm. Base 180mm x 130mm and can hold 5000ml. Please click on the product title to see another image of this can filled with a green liquid to better illustrate the can shape.

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