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This natural oil is very careful blend designed for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction. The ingredients used are reputed to stimulate, prolong and enhance your erection. Erection stimulation oil is used by people who suffer erectile dysfunction in all forms which can be a long term severe problem or a more on and off, unpredictable condition. To use start by massaging an small amount into the end of the penis and then down the full length as required. Erection stimulation oil can also be used during sex if you feel you are having trouble sustaining your erection. With the confusing and massive choice of performance enhancing pills and tablets on the market at the moment (natural or otherwise) this line has become a top seller with fantastic feedback. It is a safe and natural rub on oil and not a product you have to take orally with potential side effects. Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem and this product is used by holistic therapists who are amazed with the results. We now supply erection stimulation oil in a discreetly labelled bottle where the product is simply called Avena E.S. Oil and has no reference to sex on the label. The oil can also be used as a general massage oil and this is ideal if you are uncomfortable speaking to your partner about erectile dysfunction.

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