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This fascinating collection of fossils is a wonderful starter kit for a budding enthusiast. They come in a great presentation box containing information cards for each fossil and a small magnifier to enhance detail and inspire an interest in evolution. Each set contains a cut and polished ammonite, a devil’s toenail (gryphaea), fossil sea urchin, nautiloid, fossil shark tooth and magnifier. Fossils are remains of animals and plants that lived a very long time ago. When they died, their bones, shells, seeds and leaves were buried in mud or sand and over time slowly turned into stone. Fossils tell us which animals and plants lived at different times and how these evolved into the ones we see today. Although very popular with kids and a great educational gift these products are not toys and are not suitable for children under 36 months as they may contain small parts and sharp edges. 

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This beautiful collection of minerals comes in a great presentation box containing information cards for each mineral. This fantastic collection is the perfect way to inspire interest in the earth’s geology. Each set contains a selection of six mineral pieces, which are pyrite, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, quartz geode and an agate slice. Minerals make up the rocks that form the Earth’s crust. The atoms within the minerals are arranged in an orderly way, meaning that many of them form attractive crystals and gemstones, which are known for their shine, colour and rarity and are often used in jewellery. Minerals also vary in strength, such as diamonds, which are extremely strong and can easily scratch glass to others like talc which are soft and crumbly. Although very popular with kids and a great educational gift these products are not toys and are therefore not suitable for children under 36 months as they may contain small parts and sharp edges. 

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This is a delightful selection of natural gemstones in a specially designed pack. The box contains 20 natural gemstones from many countries. This is a lovely starter kit which is ideal for the young or novice collector. The natural gemstone display box has an informative label on the back so you can easily identify the name of the semi-precious gems inside. Some examples of the stones included are, amethyst, tigers eye, hematite, rhodonite and Indian agate amongst many others.

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A wonderful and beautiful selection of fossils and minerals. The high quality fossils and minerals are presented in a beautiful and sturdy presentation box making it a wonderful and extra special gift. A fantastic range is available so simply select your choice from the selection available. Also a great collectors item. Each mineral or fossil may vary slightly in size as the product is totally natural, however the presentation box is 80mm (W) x 80mm (D) x 50mm (H). The details of the wonderful selection available are:

Agate geode; agate geodes are ancient volcanic bubbles which are partially filled with crystal. This leaves a gorgeous crystalline hollow centre. They are thought to help with effective communication skills and are meant to be good for the nervous system and as an effective healing stone.

Amethyst; since the Victorian times amethyst has been prized for its gorgeous purple colour and it is still one of the most sought after semi-precious gemstones. Creative thinking and meditation are said to be aided by amethyst.

Citrine; an unusual mineral which is formed when amethyst is exposed to great heat which turns it all shades of orange. It is also known as 'the merchants' stone' and is thought to help to maintain a state of wealth.

Fossil Ammonite; ammonites thrived in the oceans during the time of the dinosaurs. They ranged from the size of a penny to the size of a tractor tyre. These specimens are from Madagascar and are about 160 million years old.

Kyanite; kyanite is a high vibration stone and is said to help raise levels of consciousness and to quickly bring stillness and tranquillity. Kyanite is said to reduce confusion and to stimulate the higher mind, increasing the capacity for logical and linear thought. In addition kyanite is believed to stimulate psychic abilities and intuition. It is widely used to enhance and stimulate a perfect aura for meditation.

Orthoceras; these fossils are found in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco and are about 400 million years old. They are a bullet like shell and were once divided into gas filled chambers which kept creatures buoyant in the water. Now fossilised in black limestone and often found in clusters washed together by the ancient sea currents.

Quartz; this is also known as rock crystal, it is clear like glass and is believed to have mystical powers. It grows in amazing structures and each has six sides. The ancient Greeks even thought it was ice and so deeply frozen that it would not melt.

Rose quartz; also known as the 'love stone' and said to help remove negativity which brings peace and calm in relationships. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural gemstones and it commonly occurs in its natural form of a chunky mass rather than a crystal. 

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This lovely box is full of interesting treasures from the earth and on the back of each one is an information label. Kids absolutely love them! Crystals can help harmonise the mind, body or spirit and are used for wellbeing, meditation, protection and understanding as well as in many other areas. Crystals or healing gemstones have been used throughout history for their healing qualities and beauty. Many people believe that each stone emits a certain energy which can have a beneficial effect on your wellbeing. Does it work? Wear one, carry one with you, have them in your house or take one to bed to find out. All our stones are fantastic quality, rich in colour, smooth and polished. This acrylic case of  stones and rocks is approximately 5cm wide and 7.5cm tall. Contents may vary slightly from those shown on the picture.

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