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Avena Herbal Products are blenders and manufacturers of plant infusion, medicated & beauty products, essential oil, carrier oil and general aromatherapy suppliers.


We started as a small, traditional family business based in the Yorkshire Dales many years ago and are dedicated to sourcing and selling the highest quality natural products, made from maximum strength and completely pure ingredients. Initially selling the products from our small shop and at craft fairs or country shows, we have steadily grown over the years and now Avena retails a massive range of natural remedies, beauty & bath products, skin care, massage oils, sports rubs, sensual products and an extensive gift range.  



Essential oils

Relax with quality as standard

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils mixed with other fragranced natural plant material to enhance mood, improve health and help to clear the mind and aid relaxation. Here at Avena we sell an extensive A-Z range of 100% pure, top quality essential oils as well as fragrance oils and massage oils so that you can choose the fragrance that best suits your needs.  We also stock top quality base products and carrier oils from borage oil to bubble bath base.

Essential oils

Amazing natural products

For those of you troubled by skin complaints we carry a sizeable range of products to help ease the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, including Body Itch Bath Oil that’s widely used by eczema sufferers and Lichen Planus Massage Oil to relieve the irritation of Lichen Planus. As well as this we have a range of products to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism including Active Life Cream which is our flagship product that has provided amazing natural arthritis pain relief in the UK for many years. The unique formula was developed after several years’ experimentation, with benefits being refined and enhanced throughout hundreds of individual tests. At the heart of the cream is a nutrient-rich fusion of three herbs, seven pure essential oils and eleven herbal extracts.


A brilliant example of natural beauty

In our range of natural beauty products we have some lovely oils which are ready to use straight on the skin, some wonderful hand, face and body creams as well as hair products.  We also have a range of natural grooming products for men that work wonderfully and smell fabulous. When developing our beauty products we took advice from Mother Nature by using 100% natural and fresh ingredients.  OurDry Skin Cream is one of the best selling products in the range and has been described as a brilliant example of a natural beauty product by our customers. We’ve also created Funky Feet Foot Balm – perfect for easing tired, aching feet after either a long day on your feet or a long night of dancing in gorgeous shoes. I know about one of these… I’ll let you decide which! Many people use the oils we sell in oil burners or on pot pourri, but there are so many uses for them it’s impossible to list them all. For example our aniseed essential oil is an unusual enhancement when added to fishing tackle!  There are also great benefits when oils are added to the bath which is why we developed our sports range which includes bath oils and muscle rubs.




Romance is in the air

Avena’s Sensual range incorporates some products that increase stimulation and others that create the perfect romantic ambience for love. Our Massage Oil for Lovers from Abluo contains exotic oils of aphrodisiac nature helping sensuality and creating a relaxing mood for love. This is a luxurious and sensual massage oil blended especially for couples and there is no better way to relax your partner than to give a wonderful massage in a warm room with this beautiful massage oil.  We also include an Erection Stimulation Oil in the Sensual range, a very careful blend designed for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction as well as our L-ovata capsules.



For the animal lovers

We’ve also added a range for non-human customers - canine, feline, bovine and equine as opposed to alien!  We’ve seen an increase in sales of our natural animal remedies to farms, stables and liveries throughout Europe in the past few years and can see that our customers would rather use natural remedies on their animals than anything containing harsh chemicals.  This is a really diverse range that includes, amongst others, Natural Animal Fly & Midge Spray, Masticare Udder and Teat Oil, Horse & Pony Natural (MUDF) Ointment and Dog and Cat Natural Arnica Oil.


Products and solutions to suit your individual needs

Our products are now available in a wide range of sizes enabling us to supply everyone from individual home users and small start-up businesses right through to large manufacturing companies.  As well as this we offer a choice of glass or plastic containers to suit your needs. We also offer services such as re-packaging and own label or unlabelled products.  Feel free to call or email us to find out more about this.

We now have some very good and long term contracts but also remember the challenges of starting up, so will try our very best to support and help any business, no matter how small.  That’s why we confidently describe ourselves as a company that is big enough to cope and small enough to care. As we’ve grown over the years we’ve kept our traditional standards of both excellent quality products and great customer service.  We also still work from this most beautiful part of the country and as well as our successful websites we have a lovely shop in the picturesque market town of Skipton, North Yorkshire should you wish to visit us in person.

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